Sunday, October 13, 2013

turning 21

one of the reason I post things in blog is that I want to share the story, experience and things with who ever is willing to read it. Besides, I also don't want to forget about the sweet memory that I had. its been long since I share anything like that. and I have this 1 experience that I never want to forget and that is my 21st birthday celebration.

the celebration is not that big to some people point of view. but I really love it. it begun with the mini gathering organized  Abdul and Mia and sponsored by Madam Salimah. They had to do it few days before my actual birthday because I insist that I wanted to go back to my hometown and celebrate with my family too. so they got me a cake and few food because we had it during lunch.


the cake.

cutting the cake with madam salimah. she is like a mother to me. you have no idea how nice she is. 

mak cik ani also wants to be in the picutre, so there she is. she is not just the coffee lady. she's more than that. 

this girl, ekin. if she didn't show up that day, I would kick her out of my house. hahaha. 

that is the organizer, mia. unfortunately abdul couldn't made it that day. he was stuck in a bank because something came up. he owed me. 

finally the food. the delicious chicken and bihun cooked by mak cik ani, the pudding caramel by ekin and jelly by mia. they were all so delicious. with this kind of food, who needs a present. :D 

encik jef and ali also came that day and celebrate my birthday. thank you guys for coming. ooohh. before I forgot, I met madam hanidah before I leave. she was a bit late because she has some work to do. couldn't blame her. at 3pm on the same day I left for JB with main, my classmate. the celebration by students affair was on 12th of September. 

the next day that is 13th of september, my whole family went out to have a lovely dinner in senibong in order to celebrate my birthday. just a simple dinner with seafood and rice. talking and teasing. 

therefore on my actual birthday 14th of september, I didn't actually do anything special. just went out with my mother to some of her school teacher's house because they were organizing home warming party. my celebration doesn't really end there. after coming back to my college. on 21st of september, I went out with someone, I would say special to me.

I can say that this is the best part of my birthday, he took me to the KL tower. we couldn't make it in time to watch the sunset, but the view of KL at night is beautiful enough. especially when it was shared with someone like him. as we came down from the observation deck, I was so hungry. so we went to bukit bintang and just eat at nando's. nothing special. as we had our dinner, I accidentally told him that I'm coming back here the on the next week to watch movie with my bestfriend in pavi because I never watch movie in pavi before. after we finish our dinner, we walk to TS and bought a ticket for a movie called paranoia that was showing at 12.10am.

at that time we had nothing to do, so I suggested we go back to bukit bintang and just walk there before our movie starts. that is when he spilled to me that he actually wanted to watch in pavillion too but don't want to ruin my so called first time with my bestfriend. you have no idea how hard I hit him that time. after that we went to pavillion, bought a ticket and watched the movie there.

the ticket to observation deck at KL tower and the two movie tickets that we bought that night. 

went the movie finished, we still have time to catch the movie that we previously bought. but as we were walking from pavillion to TS, I saw someone selling ice cream. my childish self said, I want that ice cream and I got it. but after that, I don't feel like going to watch that movie anymore. so we left KL and went to PD.

somehow, I am attracted to that place. the reason is too personal. we spent the rest of the night there talking, watching the sea and playing around. I think we came back around 5am that morning and arrive at the college around 6am. it was the best birthday I ever had. thank you so much. :)

like madam hanidah said, as I reach the age of 21, I'll get the ultimate key to my freedom. but unfortunately my parents still want to keep it. I know they still love me. but they can't stop me from growing up. I hope that I'm not just a year older but a year wiser to. 

surprise visit

I never thought that anyone would read my blog any more until recently one of my new friend told me that he read my blog. Kind of embarrassed at first because of what I wrote in the past. All of the stories, the thought and the crap that I put it into words and post it here. But rereading all those things made my tears come out. It was a beautiful memory. I want to turn back time, to go back to that moment and enjoy it all over again. Unfortunately it is impossible. The only thing I can do is to keep moving forward. Thank you for making me recap all of these memories.

I'm just a human who sometimes think a lot. I also tend to over think. I have asked myself a question, 'what if I can turn back time and change the thing that I did back then with what I think I should have done back then?'. What if?  Just what if?

If I ever given a chance to go back to my high school life and do it all over again I would. I would even do it differently. Make a different choice that will bring me to some other place except for where I am right now. I will make a better decision, be a better person so I can be in a better place.

But, if I'm not where I am right now. I might not have meet who I've met so far. I wouldn't be friend with my friends right now. Wouldn't I? So it brings me to the second question. Who I want to keep in my life if I ever have a different life? I have a name list for that. Just keep in mind that my new life starts after high school.

The friends that I want to keep even if I have a different life.

  1. ekin
  2. haifaa
  3. ain
  4. anep
  5. juma
The others, I would still love to meet you all but those are the people that kind of mean a lot to me. They have gone through so much with me this past few years. They have helped me went through the roller coaster of life. When I feel a lil bit crazy, they go crazy with me too. When I was a mess, they kicked my ass and helped me get back up. To summarize it all, I love them. 

Before I end this surprise visit to my blog I just wanna say that friendship is a one-life thing that, no matter what, we should never give up on friends. I might blog more often after this. If I feel like it doe. so goodbye and goodnight.

Monday, January 16, 2012

cuti di penghabisan musim buah.

cuti hujung minggu ni adalah cuti hujung minggu yang paling best dan memenatkan. cuti je namanye tapi penat. mana taknye pergi mandi sungai laa, masuk kebun, petik pulasan, dan macam2 lagi laa aktiviti. ni pun nasib laa ada ain yang family dia tinggal kat batang kali and mempunyai kebun yang menanam segala jenis buah buahan. ada durian, manggis, dukung, pulasan, pisang, rambutan, rambai. tu je kot yang aku perasan. tapi kali ni kitorang makan buah buahan yang tengah musim nya iaitu, durian, dukung, manggis dan pulasan je. 

kitorang sampai rumah ain petang jumaat, bapak dengan mak dia laa datang amik kitorang kat stesen ktm rawang. malamnye adik ain,  aizat tanya aku waktu tengah tengok tv sama ada nak pergi kebun diorang tak makan durian dan segala buah buahan. aku pun... hehehe ofcourse laa nak. kat bandar mana laa nak ada kebun ni segala bagai. so peluang ni takdelaa aku nak tolak. aku pun cakap ' anytime '. tu yang mak bapak ain bawak kitorang pergi kebun dia tu malam tu jugak. kitorang pergi naik lori pick up. kat bawah tu haa buktinya. kitorang bergambar atas lori tu sebelum pergi.

waktu naik lori tu, mulamula terasa macam sakai laa, apa laa. tapi dalam masa yang sama rasa seronok. pengalaman tu. bukan selalu orang nak bawak naik lori duduk belakang. dengan udara segar semua tu. masuk kebun kan jalan tanah merah. tu yang bumpy sikit waktu naik lori tu. kitorang yang kat belakang ni dah terasa macam nak pergi lombok guna jalan tikus. tak boleh blah tapi sumpah rasa seronok.

aku rasa, malam tu kot 1st time aku makan dukung. tu muka jakun aku. walaupun sebernanya aku lebih suka nak makan durian dan manggis waktu tu.

 ain dengan ekin sibuk nak berposing dengan buah pulasan yang bentuk macam love. bentuk pelik kot. mesti laa nak amik gambar kan. baliknya tu semua bersin2. selsema. nak kata sebab berembun, kitorang selalu je berembun tapi tak selsema. banyak sangat makan buah laa kot.

esok paginye kitorang bangun kul 9, sebab nak pergi mandi sungai. ayah ain hantar kitorang dekat sungai kedondong. adalah dekat jalan yang menuju naik ke genting tu. pergh air dia sumpah sejuk. menggigil mak nak mandi kat situ. tu pun kitorang tahan  gak laa mandi sampai pukul 1 lebih walaupun 2 kali pindah tempat  atas sebab sebab tertentu.

ain agak open ye kerana salin seluar atas batu. dah takde tempat nak pergi tanpa membasahkan seluar dia. tu yang sampai salin seluar atas batu tu.

kitorang pergi naik grand livina. tapi balik naik lori pick up tu lagi. yelaa, takkan nak naik grand livina basah2 plak kan. tak berbaloi. orang lain semua tengok pelik. mat2 rempit yang tengok tu sampai teleng2 kepala diorang. nasib baik tak masuk semak.

siap sempat nak buat aksi hindustan pulak qat dengan ain kan. aku dengan ekin sekadar jadi model rambut je.

petangnye lepas tidor, makan, kitorang pun pergi lagi kebun tu. sebab family ain ada berkumpul kat pondok kat kebun tu. sama2 nak merasa hasil kebun tu.

banyakkan pulasan dia. sampai melendut dahan pokok tu. diorang siap main perang2 guna buah pulasan lagi tu. pulasan2 yang dah di petik tu kena petik lagi sekali sebab kitorang taknak tangkai yang ada daun. nak buah je dengan sikit jelaa tangkainya. terpaksa laa ain dan ekin mencangkung petik pulasan yang dah dipetik tu.

 yang kak ila dengan qat kutip tangkai pulasan yang bapak ain dah petik dah tu bawak ke ekin dan ain. aku? buat apa? menyibuk je. :)

petang sikit dalam pukul 5 lebih kot waktu tu, paklong ain hantar durian. adalah dalam 10 biji. apa lagi. bermula laa pesta durian.

semua pakcik makcik ain duduk bersila keliling durian tu, tunggu durian di kopek. waktu ni, banyak betul durian aku makan. yang lain makan seulas 2 ulas 3 ulas. aku berulas ulas. mula2 segan nak duduk join makan sekali, sekali dah join tak reti berhenti. duduk pulak tu sebelah cik ndin, tukang kopek durian. apa lagi, nampak durian macam lawa dengan sedap sikit, aku laa amik dulu. yang tak boleh blahnye, semua dah berhenti aku makan lagi. dengan comot2 nye. buat malu je. tapi apa aku kesah. tapi bila aku nak berhenti, diorang pulak suruh aku habiskan durian yang dah kopek tu.

petang tu buncit betul aku, terlebih durian. malam tu nak makan banyak pun dah tak larat. terpaksa keluarkan sikit dulu baru boleh masuk makanan tu. ahad pun tiba. cuti hujung minggu pun dah habis. terpaksa laa kitorang balik ke college sweet college kitorang ni. tu pun sebelum balik tu, mak ain nak suro pergi kebun lagi, amik lagi pulasan. tapi bila kitorang semua kemalasan. takde siapa laa pergi. cukup laa tu buah yang kitorang dah makan and bawak. hari ni je, dah berapa kali aku pergi tandas. effect terlebih makan buah ni aku rasa tahan seminggu kot.

hujung minggu ni, adalah hujung minggu yang dihabiskan dengan kawan kawan yang paling best setakat ni. takde siapa naik gila mati kutu sebab bosan duduk rumah. :)

 sayang korang semua weyh!

Thursday, January 05, 2012


tulaa jumlah yang berjaya aku kumpul dari hasil tabungan aku. nak dekat dua tahun gak laa aku menabung. dapatlaa gak sikit duit. boleh aku guna untuk bercuti ke pangkor cuti sem ni. baru ingat nak menabung sampai boleh beli cincin rm24 juta macam rosmah tu kan. tapi kalau 2tahun menabung dapat rm100++ je, bila masanye aku nak sampai rm1juta? agak2kan, berapa dye masukkan dalam tabung dye tu sehari? ada tak dalam RM50? mesti lebihkan. kalau tak, macam mana nak sampai RM24 juta.

impian tinggal impian jelaa cincin RM24juta tu. kalau 24juta rupiah tu mungkin mampu kot aku. close enough! asalkan 24juta gak kan. teehee.

duit yang baru je dikeluarkan daripada tabung.

duit setelah di sort dan di kira. banyak duit 10 sen kan? dah nama pun simpan duit baki. tu yang banyak 10 sen tu. 

hello kitty tu tabung aku. hadiah dapat waktu birthday yg ke17 aku kalau tak silap. waktu form 5 dulu daripada shanmuga. tulaa duit yang aku dah susun balik dalam tupperware nak bawak pergi bank esok. takkan nak bawak dalam tabung hello kitty tu then kat bank baru nak korek2 plak kan. wat malu aku je. 

kesimpulannye, menabung amalan yang baik even korang takdapat nak tandingi bini pm kite punye amalan menabung. :)